Veiled Intentions and West Coast Forensics AUDIO Books: narrated by Michael Dean

Real Danger, WCF #2

narrated by Micael Dean

How can one man be so incredibly frustrating but so sexy at the same time?

Ryder knows two things. Tragedy can strike at any moment so you have to hold tightly to the gifts life gives you. And, Shay is one of those gifts. To Ryder their fifteen-year age difference is nothing, Shay is the man he wants. Now he just needs an opportunity to plead his case with the sexy lawyer.


Real Trouble, West Coast Forensics #1

narrated by Michael Dean

Rule Breaker. Troublemaker. Heart Taker.

Needs him like oxygen.

Dany has secrets. He’s not on the island by accident, he’s not a nice guy, and he’s using a fake name. He’s laying low but he must have been born under a bad sign because the very man he’s hiding from walks back into his life.

Conspiracy Theory, first in Veiled Intentions.

A man can only run from his demons for so long.

For years Niall Hamarsson brought closure to others, with one of the highest homicide solve rates in the city. One day he walks away from it all.

Long Shadow today, #2 in the Veiled Intentions series

Niall’s never known anything but betrayal. All Mat wants is Niall’s heart. What will it take for him to coax Niall in from the cold?

Black Moontthe final installment in Veiled Intentions

Black Moon

One corpse, two corpse, old corpse, new corpse.

Summer is crashing into fall, Mat and Niall have a wedding to overthink.

A body is discovered floating in the harbor and this time it’s the missing ex-Piedras Marine officer Duane Cooper.


. D., #3 in Veiled Intentions

Visit Hollyridge, a short listen, perfect for doing chores.