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I’ve done my best to make sure they are in order…

Shielded Hearts

A Federal Holiday (Adam and Micah)

Rough Waters (Miguel’s pre-story) as an aside, Owen gets his HEA in Over the Hill, a holiday novella.

Trusting the Elements

Dante and the Arborist (Otto’s friend Dante and …. ?)

Piedras Island — All extras related to Veiled Intentions and West Coast Forensics

Looking for Trouble (Soren and Dany–this actually takes place during When it Rains, Shielded Hearts 8)

Man Flu (Marshal and Trevor)

Get Real (Kim and Winston)

Castaway (Jack and Vic)

Chasing Smoke (Devon and Kimball, occurs BEFORE Real Risk)

Crimes of the Heart

Heart-Lost (Duff prestory)

Rocks for Jocks (Charlie and Simon)