Elle Keaton Series Reading Order

Shielded Hearts series (available on all major ebook retailers):

  1. Storm Season
  2. No Pressure
  3. Convergence Zone
  4. As Sure as the Sun
  5. River Home
  6. Unforgivable
  7. His Best Man
  8. HOLIDAY NOVELLA: The Northstar
  9. When It Rains

 Unrelated books:

  1. Trusting the Elements 
  2. HOLIDAY NOVELLA: Over the Hill
  3. The Hollyridge novels:
  4. Love Limited Edition
  5. Love Vintage Blend
  6. Love Finds a Home
  7. Love From a Stone + Love Comes Home

 Veiled Intentions (available on all major ebook retailers):

  1. Conspiracy Theory
  2. Long Shadow
  3. WINTER NOVELLA: Jude's Dude (Shielded Hearts/West Coast Forensics crossover)
  4. Black Moon

West Coast Forensics (available on all major ebook retailers):

  1. Real Trouble
  2. Real Danger
  3. NOVELLA: Jewel in the Rough
  4. Real Risk
  5. NOVELLA: Not a Boy (also relates back to the Hollyridge series)
  6. Real Hazard
  7. NOVELLA: In Tune (also relates back to the Hollyridge series)
  8. The Real Thing

 Reclaimed Hearts (available to read on Kindle Unlimited or to buy on Amazon):

  1. Adverse Conditions
  2. Below Grade
  3. Red Flagged
  4. Code Violation : April 2024

Completely separate series:

  1. Crimes of the Heart Series (unrelated to Shielded Hearts/Veiled Intentions/West Coast Forensics--set in Seattle):
  2. Feinted Love
  3. The Heart Heist
  4. The Boyfriend Gambit