Love lost; love found.

It’s time for a change. After a case that nearly ends with him in traction, US Marshal Sacha Bolic decides to move west and restart his life, this time as an out gay man.

Seth Culver avoids entanglements, romantic or otherwise. Who needs them? He’s learned the hard way that people betray you or leave. Or both.

Sacha’s ready to live the life he’s been missing; everything about the younger man is compelling and he’s not going to let him go easily.

But Seth’s commitment to no commitments may have met its match in Sacha.

As Sure as the Sun is a dual POV about a taciturn US Marshal and a free-spirited younger man finding their way to each other. The Accidental Roots series follows a different couple in each book as they stop killers, unravel a human trafficking ring and fall in love.

$2.75 flat shipping per book

This version of the book does not have a full wrap but I would love to have them go to a good home. $5 ea. When the new ones come in the price will be $10