The spark between them is undeniable but unless they’re careful somebody’s going to get burned.

An FBI investigator, a permanently single bartender; the men have nothing in common except their sexuality. They meet by chance; converging weather patterns creating a private storm of their own.

FBI Agent Carroll Weir wants to escape dreary damp Skagit for a warmer climate, instead he’s assigned to a cross-agency smuggling case and working 24/7 to find a killer.

Sterling Bailey bartends and considers his customers and employees as family since he doesn’t have one of his own. Weir wanders in his bar one night exhausted and tense…and one thing leads to another.

When Weir is injured by a hit-and-run driver Sterling cares for him, and both men are left wondering who will survive and who was responsible for Weir’s injuries.

Will Sterling and Weir be able to weather the storm? Maybe, but in order to change the course of tomorrow they’ll have to accept their pasts and admit they want a future together.

Convergence Zone is a dual POV about two men discarded by their biological families who fall in love despite their differences, finding family in each other. The Accidental Roots series follows a different couple in each book as they stop killers, unravel a human trafficking ring and fall in love.

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