Wanted: A good home for a stray.

Needed: A worthy man.

Miguel arrived in town a broken man, having barely escaped an abusive relationship with his life. Since then, he’s buried his deepest desire for family and taken what life doles out; one-night stands are as close to a relationship as he’s going to get.

Agent Nate Richardson is focused, reliable, career minded. No time for relationships outside work. Nate doesn’t care about sex and doesn’t believe in love. He’s also never met Miguel Ramirez—until now.

Nate is a force Miguel doesn’t foresee and encompasses everything Miguel has rejected as out of his reach.

Outside forces drive Nate and Miguel apart, they have to work together to conquer their demons and win the fight for their love.

River Home is a dual POV about a man with a beautiful soul who refuses to be kept down and the stoic federal agent who falls in love with him. One man knows what he wants, the other needs convincing. The Shielded Hearts series follows a different couple in each book as they stop killers, unravel a human trafficking ring and fall in love.