Beto Hernandez isn’t in town to make friends, much less fall in love.

Beto’s objective: Break the human trafficking ring plaguing Skagit once and for all.

But he crosses paths with an intriguing and handsome man, the first in years to spark Beto’s interest; the attraction can’t go anywhere.

Carsten Quinn wants nothing to do with the law.


After surviving years in hell, Carsten has his own mission in town. The only problem is he’s hiding, not living anything like a normal life. He doesn’t trust anyone, especially not cops.

They try to stay away from each other, but their undeniable chemistry keeps them close.

When Carsten’s past comes back with a vengeance, he has no one to turn to but Beto.

Are Beto and Carsten too different and too broken to trust anyone, much less each other? Can they overcome the terrifying obstacles on their path to love?

When it Rains is a dual POV about a tough loner with a tender side and a man who’s done everything he had to in order to survive. An opposites attract romance with a happily ever after. The Accidental Roots series follows a different couple in each book as they stop killers, unravel a human trafficking ring and fall in love. Not necessarily all at the same time.

$2.75 flat rate per single book