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Series Order

Shielded Hearts (originally published as Accidental Roots)

Veiled Intentions

West Coast Forensics

**Home in Hollyridge and Crimes of the Heart are completely separate series from the others.**

Crimes of the Heart and Home in Hollyridge are WIDE, available on all major platforms!

Reclaimed Hearts, coming 2023

Book Order:

Shielded Hearts

Storm Season (Adam and Micah)

No Pressure (Joey and Buck)

Convergence Zone (Sterling and Weir)

As Sure as the Sun (Sacha and Seth)

**The North Star Winter/Holiday Novella** (Jon and Chance)

River Home (Nate and Miguel)

Unforgivable (Ira and Cameron)

His Best Man (Rod and Travis)

When it Rains (Beto and Carston)

**Over the Hill Winter/Holiday Novella** (Edmund and Owen)

Veiled Intentions – Trilogy

Conspiracy Theory – Niall and Mat

Long Shadow

Black Moon

**Jude’s Dude Winter/Holiday Novella** (Jude and Cullen)

West Coast Forensics

Real Trouble (Soren and Dany)

Jewel in the Rough – (Benny and Teagan)

Real Danger (Ryder and Shay)

Real Risk (Devon and Kimball)

Not a Boy – (Available on all major platforms)

Real Hazard (Foster and Dutch)

In Tune – (Dean and Luka)

The Real Thing – (Cody and Wade)

Reclaimed Hearts

Adverse Conditions

Below Grade

Red Flagged

Deferred Maintenance