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Newest Release - Below Grade

A serious health scare forces Martin Purdy to rethink his life. He quits his job, sells his house, and buys a set of fixer-upper cabins on the coast. There’s just one teensy problem. Along with the property comes a very angry man.

Nicholas Waugh had his own scare, bad enough that he slunk back to the crappy town he grew up in. With no home to call his own, he finagles a security gig keeping an eye on a set of vacant cabins. The deal comes with a free one-year lease–and he’s not leaving a day sooner. Not even if the new owner gets down on his knees and begs him.
Okay… maybe if he got down on his knees.

Welcome to Cooper Springs, home to UFO chasers, Sasquatch believers, conspiracy theorists, chainsaw artists, and regular folk just trying to make a living. And, quite possibly, a killer.

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In the next year (June 23-June 24) I will be focusing on Reclaimed Hearts, which is a quirky gay-Twin Peaks sort-of-cozy series, AND the Cody Prescott mysteries which will be so very cozy (If you haven't met our Cody yet, be sure to catch up with the West Coast Forensics series where he makes his first appearance).

If you want in early (with all the warts and plot changes) Ream is the place to be. I'll be posting chapters from both Red Flagged (Reclaimed Hearts 3) and the first Cody mystery (The Uninvited Guest). Also specially commissioned artwork, cocktail/coffee hours, and more all of which will only be available through Ream.