Storm Season

Book One of the Accidental Roots series

The death of his father finally brought Adam home, will love keep him there?

Agent Adam Klay has no desire to return to his hometown but the passing of his father forces his hand. In town to clean up after his father’s chaotic life and lonely death, Adam finds himself drawn to shy and terminally clumsy, Micah Ryan.

Micah’s been running on remote since his family was killed in a tragic accident years earlier, the arrival of Adam Klay wakes feelings he thought long dead. When his perfectly boring life is disrupted by a series of disturbing incidences, Micah begins to wonder what evil forces are at work in Skagit and if he will be the next victim.

Micah’s in a killer’s crosshairs, will Adam be able to keep him safe without losing his heart?

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“Caught my attention from the beginning and couldn’t put it down. Love a good mystery and love story all rolled into one.”
5-star Amazon Review

Storm Season is the first in the Accidental Roots series, follow up with No Pressure.

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