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Castaways in their own lives Vic and Jack meet by accident; a case of hate at first sight.

But is it really?

√ ridiculous dog.

√ 2 lonely men.

√ a secluded beach.

√ a murder van.

It’s a thin line between love and hate, but Vic and Jack are planning on toeing it.

For real.

Until they don’t.


Chasing Smoke – Real Risk teaser

Fire Investigator Kimball Frye has a reputation for catching arsonists, it’s his superpower.

As Fire Chief of Piedras County, Devon Flynn has a reputation to uphold—but even he knows to accept help when it’s offered.

It’s impossible for Devon to maintain his calm and cool when Frye, hotshot WCF arson investigator, questions every decision he’s made about recent investigations. The man seems determined to get under his skin—and it’s working.


Looking for Trouble

Giving into donuts means time at the gym.

Giving into a man means rethinking his life plan.


Man Flu

The’s the flu and then there’s…man flu.


Get Real

Kim Carr is happy living on Piedras Island, he’s built up his tattoo business and become part of a community he never thought he’d have.

Winston Parsons left his hometown after high school with only one regret; he never told Kim how he felt about him.

Ten years have passed since they’ve seen each other. Winston hopes Kim doesn’t already have a partner because he’s coming to the island to claim his man.


A Federal Holiday, an Accidental Roots short story.


Rough Waters, a River Home Prequel.

Miguel’s not perfect. No one understands that more than he does.

YES! Download Rough Waters.

Dante and the Arborist

What happens in Westfort, stays in Westfort…maybe

Dante rolls into Westfort planning to hook up with an old-friend, his plans are foiled by the new boyfriend. What’s a man to do?


A Crimes of the Heart short

Why should he stay when everyone always leaves?


A Crimes of the Heart, short read! (Simon and Charley)

I need three credits to fill out my schedule…sure Geology 101, why not?

Who knew the graduate assistant would be so hot, and so willing to provide me with some outside of class help.