Two-hour Reads

Love – Limited Edition

Rory Hoyle is visiting his hometown of Hollyridge, always a stressful experience.

Rory’s parents don’t understand him and, frankly, he doesn’t understand them. One final ‘what are you doing with your life’, pushes him to the breaking point and Rory storms out of their house into the cold winter evening with no idea where he’s heading.

After the death of his partner, Brett Tanner never thought he’d love again, it was too much to ask, or want.

That is until Rory stumbles into his bookstore one evening awakening his heart. But, is it too much? Is he betraying his first love by finding himself attracted to the sexy, but socially awkward, younger man?

Will bookish magic, an adorable dog and a little assistance from their friends help Brett and Rory realize the world is what you make of it? That a chance at happiness is something to be seized, not thrown away?

Love Vintage Blend

Jeff Morgan is rebuilding his life; Zach Brown is trying to keep his from falling apart.

After being disowned by his parents Jeff leaves the city to start over again, hoping to reinvent himself as a winemaker in the small town of Hollyridge. Why not dream big?

Zach is struggling to keep his boutique winery afloat and the summer intern is one more body which will help that happen—and oh, what a body. The only thing is, he’s sworn off men.

Until he met Zach Brown Jeff knew he was gay—but he’d never kissed a man.

One look at Jeff, and Zach knew it was going to be a long, hard summer.

Jeff doesn’t know much about wine and even less about love but maybe he’s just what Zach needs to save his winery and heal his wounded heart.

A standalone in the Home in Hollyridge series, a dual POV about a man learning to live his own life; and a winemaker who needs a little help from a friend. 24k words.

Love Finds a Home

Wyatt loves Bennett.

Bennett believes he is unlovable.

One of them is wrong.

Love Finds a Home is a dual POV in the Home in Hollyridge series. Each can be read as a standalone, they follow separate couples as they find their way to their happily ever after.

“His eyes were equally dangerous, but Bennett steeled himself against them, against the amusement, the laughter, the happiness that always simmered in them.

Love From a Stone

The irrepressible Skylar Jones has arrived…

Rural Hollyridge and, more specifically, Wallace Kenton, are in for a big surprise when Sky moves to town.

Wallace has never hidden his sexuality but as an older, gay, man in a small town, he’s well aware of the haters.

Sky is who he is, with no shame. If people don’t appreciate that he’s fantastic they can look the other way. Sky does, however, have a weakness for grouchy old bears and ugly dogs.

Wallace had no idea he’d been waiting his whole life for him.

Wallace’s black and white existence turns technicolor when Sky comes to work for him. Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, Sky is change for the good.

grumpy+happy, age gap, dog wedding?, gender fluid, workplace romance, protective lover, 0 angst, high heat.

Love From a Stone is a standalone and the fourth in the Home in Hollyridge series, although previous characters make appearances. It’s dual POV following both Sky and Wallace as they work their way to their fantastic HEA.