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January 25, 2023

Jewel in the Rough.

A Piedras Island Novella

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Sometimes it’s just Benny.

Benny witnesses a brutal murder forcing him to run as far as he can, as fast as he can. A friend offers him a place to hide in exchange for helping her brother with the family farm.

Does it matter if the closest Benny has ever been to a farm is the petting zoo?

Ex-LA cop Teagan hates farming but it’s that or disappoint the only family he has left. Instead of catching criminals, his days are now spent being harassed by his sister and bullied by the Indignant Gurls—the dairy cows who will make him or break him.

Opposites attract small-town gay romance, grumpy falls for happy, protective hero, murder.

Jewel in the Rough plays out on Piedras Island, where the Veiled Intentions and West Coast Forensics series are also set. While characters from other books are mentioned Jewel in the Rough is a complete standalone.

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March 2023

Adverse Conditions

possibly a novella, possibly book one in Reclaimed Hearts

Adverse conditions 

The absolute last words Xavier wanted to read.

Vincent was going to pay for this. 

He’s on a one-man mission to save his hometown. Cooper Springs doesn’t have much going for it, except a rundown set of cabins that need a new owner and a whole lot of love. Getting someone to recognize the potential in the rundown resort could be the turning point for the town.

The single person standing in his way is a grumpy, part-time home appraiser thwarting Xavier’s efforts at every turn.

The flashy real estate agent who moved back to town has Vincent seeing red. He refuses to compromise safety just so the guy can make sales. When an anonymous complaint puts his job in jeopardy he knows exactly who it was and he’s not going down without a fight.

When push comes to shove, who will back down first?

The pushing and the shoving leads to one thing and then another and the next thing both of them know they’ve slept together. Just like the song, they like each other better.

But is it real? Will Xavier stay for the long haul? Will Vincent embrace his bisexuality? Will adverse conditions become move-in ready?

May 25, 2023

Below Grade

Book One (or possible two) in Reclaimed Hearts

Below Grade 

He’d known what he was getting into.

After a serious health scare, Martin Purdy knew something had to change. Quitting his job and moving away from the stress of the city is just the beginning. He scores a deal on a property out on the coast with a view of the ocean and a few cabins that will need a lot of TLC. 

There’s a teensy fly in his solution. Along with the property comes the single most aggravating man Martin has ever encountered. 

Nicholas Waugh had his own scare, bad enough he returned to the crappy town he grew up in. After a decade of roaming the world, hunting down the next story, the next picture, he is at loose ends. With no home to call his own, he finagles a gig keeping an eye on an old resort. The deal came with a free year lease and he’s not leaving anytime soon.

Not even if the jerk who gave him a failing grade a lifetime ago gets down on his knees and begs him.

Martin has never been an angry man but Nicholas is giving him a run for his money. He’s one suggestive chainsaw sculpture away from justifiable homicide.

#Opposites (professor + drop out), #maturelover, #neverlikedschool, #snarky, #smalltown #was-his-professor

July 2023

Red Flagged

Reclaimed Hearts

Red Flagged 

Andre learned early on that sometimes you just have to walk away.

Retired-US Marshal, turned Cooper Springs Police Chief, Andre Dear, isn’t looking for love. After the chaotic end to his USM career he craves the relative safety and peace of the sleepy coastal town. The eccentric and kind residents of Cooper Springs keep him busy and no one is actively trying to kill him.

Until someone from his past shows up. What is Dante Brown doing in Cooper Springs?

Dante Brown went into WITSEC for his older sister’s kid. The fifteen year old was the only witness to her mom’s brutal murder by a drug cartel and Daniella needs her only living relative to help her survive and testify against the perpetrators. The tiny town of Cooper Springs is not what Dante expected–neither is the hot Police Chief who Dante remembers from his career as an undercover vice detective.

When you spent more of your life in the shadows sunshine can be blinding.

#WITSEC #ProtectiveLover #Bad-idea #Pastcomesback

September 2023

Deferred Maintenance

Reclaimed Hearts

Deferred Maintenance 

Latimer Taggart is in Cooper Springs to wheel and deal. He’s the prospector for a developer who’s looking to build a high-end golf resort outside of Cooper Springs. A widower, his estranged wife died several years ago. He never plans to make himself vulnerable again.

There’s just something about Forrest Cooper.

Forrest Cooper is a born and bred Cooper Spring-ian, even related to the town founder. Generally people consider him eccentric and let him live his life, especially after his horrific early childhood. He’s never had, or wanted a ‘real job’. He lives off the land he and his sister inherited from his grandparents, growing lavender and other things. Right next to where Latimer is looking to buy land.

No way.

If he has to sleep in trees for the rest of his life Forrest will never sit back and allow a natural resource soul-sucking golf resort to move in and ruin Cooper Springs. Literally over his dead body.

Lat has his work cut out for him, will his silver tongue prove to be -er, eloquent enough to get the deal through?

#grumpy/sunshine #hippy/businessman #widower/freespirit #hurt2comfort

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