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Elle Keaton

Adverse Conditions - Reclaimed Hearts book 1

Adverse Conditions - Reclaimed Hearts book 1

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The town is worth saving, as long as conspiracy theorists, serial killers, and Vincent Barone all stay out of Xavier’s way.

Xavier swore he’d never move back to the flyspeck of a town he’d grown up in and he kept that promise for over twenty years. Now he's back for good.

Vincent never left. After earning his teaching certificate, he stayed in town to be close to his elderly parents. These days he’s the single dad of a fifteen-year-old daughter and working two jobs to make ends meet. He's perfectly happy with his life.

Xavier's mission is to save Cooper Springs. But his efforts are being hindered by his stodgy, straight-laced, rule-following neighbor, Vincent Barone. Dark-eyed, broad-shouldered, and muscly Vincent, who Xav stealthily ogles when he toils in his yard sans shirt. For a high school shop teacher, Vincent is too sexy. And he has a kid. And he infuriates Xavier. And anyway, love is for suckers.

Vincent doesn't have time to date. And he certainly wouldn’t date his flashy, arrogant, neighbor who he absolutely did not have a crush on in high school. Who did Xavier think he was, moving back to town and throwing his weight around, causing butterflies in Vincent's stomach, and making his stupid heart beat faster every time he saw him?

Cooper Springs has changed since they were kids, and maybe two guys can move from hate to love. But are they ready? Will Vincent bend a few of his rules? Will Xavier reign in his chaotic tendencies? Is love in the air?

Then there’s the matter of the grisly discovery in the woods, murder is bad for business.

Welcome to Cooper Springs, home to UFO chasers, Sasquatch believers, conspiracy theorists, chainsaw artists, and regular folk just trying to make a living. And, quite possibly, a killer.

Adverse Conditions is the first in the Reclaimed Hearts series, set in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, it is an opposites-attract, older lovers, silver fox, enemies to lovers, small-town romance, with a little murder. HEA guaranteed.

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Heather Duff
Sexy older men, yes please!

A series of older men, set in the wilds of Washington State. Yes, please. All day long.

Vincent and Xavier grew up in Cooper Springs. A rough around the edges small town set amongst sasquatch country, with the potential to be a charming and quirky place for tourists to visit. But it’s got a darker side too. Drugs, and maybe a killer.

Vincent never left, instead, he stayed to raise his daughter and teach high school shop class. A stickler for the rules. As such he drives the definitely not-a-rule follower Xavier up the wall, and out of his mind. These two find themselves at odds constantly.

But as Vincent’s daughter Romy states…I think someone doth protest too much.

They may be opposites in personality, but they both have huge hearts, for each other, their loved ones, and the community. I really enjoyed their journey and intense pull. I know we’ll see more of these two who believe so deeply in their community.

Each book is its own couple, but there will be a continuing mystery tying them all together, so it’ll be best to read them in order. Personally, I think it’s Big Foot who's to blame, he’s a wily one!