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Elle Keaton

His Best Man (Shielded Hearts Book 7)

His Best Man (Shielded Hearts Book 7)

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He made the mistake of falling in love with his best friend.

Rod has known Travis almost all his life; since the third grade when Rod was the new kid in town and Travis befriended him with trading cards and a fruit snack. Apparently, Rod’s easy.

Travis was always destined to take over the family business. As the only boy he’s expected to take the helm of the Walker farming operation, and he’s good at it.

When Travis announces he’s engaged to a local girl, Rod decides he's done waiting for something that will never happen.

Rod abruptly leaves town and Travis begins to question what Rod really means to him. But will his family support him?

His Best Man is a standalone in the Shielded Hearts series, a friends-to-lovers romance with a happily ever after. The Shielded Hearts series follows a different couple in each book as they stop killers, unravel a human trafficking ring and fall in love. Not necessarily all at the same time.

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