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Elle Keaton

Jewel in the Rough

Jewel in the Rough

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Sometimes things happen for a reason. Sometimes it's just Benny.

Benny witnesses a brutal murder forcing him to run as far as he can, as fast as he can. A friend offers him a place to hide in exchange for helping her brother with the family farm.

Does it matter if the closest Benny has ever been to a farm is the petting zoo?

Ex-LA cop Teagan hates farming but it's that or disappoint the only family he has left. Instead of catching criminals, his days are now spent being harassed by his sister and bullied by the Indignant Gurls—the dairy cows who will make him or break him.

Opposites attract small-town gay romance, grumpy falls for happy, protective hero, murder.

Jewel in the Rough plays out on Piedras Island, where the Veiled Intentions and West Coast Forensics series are also set. While characters from other books are mentioned Jewel in the Rough is a complete standalone.

Previously available in the YBBB 2022 giveaway, no changes have been made.

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