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Elle Keaton

Jude's Dude

Jude's Dude

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Love makes its own rules.

When his cozy cabin rental is usurped by a modern-day Viking dude and Jude has no choice but to accept the suggestion he stay the night, they'll figure the mess out in the morning.

Cullen's not a complete jerk. He would never force the stranger back out into blizzard conditions; it's obvious the man wouldn't survive five minutes.

There must be some sort of left-over holiday magic in the air because as uptight as he is…Jude finds himself warming up to Cullen and the feeling seems mutual.

Neither plans on falling in love, but their hearts have other ideas.

Can a blustery blizzard, a cozy cabin, and a flickering fire create a recipe for love?

**Previously available in the Winter Wonderland giveaway, Jude's Dude is a dual POV following two very opposite men as they accidentally fall in love. A meeting of the Accidental Roots and Piedras Island worlds with the promise of more to come.

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