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Elle Keaton

Love in Hollyridge - Five Hollyridge Novellas

Love in Hollyridge - Five Hollyridge Novellas

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Love in Hollyridge

Love Limited Edition

Will a goofy Labrador, bookish magic and a little assistance from friends, help two men realize their chance at happiness?

Brett Tanner never thought he’d love again, it was too much to ask, or want. Then Rory stumbles into Brett's bookstore one evening, awakening his heart.

Rory is struggling to find his place in the world. He'd thought moving to the big city was what he needed, but just maybe, home is where his heart is?

Originally published in the anthology, Between the Covers. Has been lightly re-edited.

Love Vintage Blend

One man is rebuilding his life; the other is trying to keep his from falling apart.

Zach is struggling to keep his boutique winery afloat and the summer intern is one more body that will help it happen.

One look at Jeff, and Zach knew it was going to be a long, hard summer.

Love Finds a Home

Wyatt loves Bennett.

Bennett believes he is unlovable.

One of them is wrong.

Love From a Stone

Skylar Jones has arrived in Hollyridge.

Wallace has never hidden his sexuality but as an older, gay, man in a small town, he’s well aware of the haters.

Sky is who he is, with no shame. If people don’t appreciate that he’s fabulous they can look the other way. Sky does, however, have a weakness for grouchy old bears and ugly dogs.

Love Comes Home: bonus holiday novella in the **PRINT EDITION ONLY**

Elvis has left the building. Again.

Rockstar Milo Zajac is back in Hollyridge, hoping to figure out what to do next. Impulsively he bought an old house that needs a lot of work, and he's living there with his husky, Elvis, a master escape artist.

When a young husky dog shows up on Davey Childs's ranch, he takes it to the vet, only to discover the irresponsible owner is the grown-up version of the boy he had a crush on in high school.

It figures that the eighteen year-old who blew him off has grown into a man who lets his dog run wild.'s the holiday season, magic happens. Maybe the two lonely men will find their way back to each other. Maybe the right time is now, not ten years ago.

Love in Hollyridge is five (PRINT ONLY) interconnected novellas. Dual POV, and features age-gap, finding home, loving again, love in the holidays, match-making dogs, supportive friends, friends to lovers, instalove, fabulousness, gender fluid character, gay awakening, sleigh rides, hot cider, true love.

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