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Elle Keaton

Mandatory Repairs

Mandatory Repairs

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He's never been to the Cowboy State before, but he's already made an enemy.


Max Stone is a glass-is-always-full kind of guy and he strongly believes in doing the right thing.
In this case, doing the right thing means traveling to Collier's Creek, Wyoming to meet the half-sister he’s never known and help save her family ranch.

He feels slightly aimless after selling his software company and retiring. He’s only forty-two after all, and after a lifetime of working hard, there's a bucket list of things he’d like to check off. One of them is meeting someone who likes him for who he is, not his bank account. He has a good feeling about Collier's Creek--he’s always had a secret cowboy fantasy.

Nash Vigil isn’t rolling out the welcome mat for Max Stone. Stone wants something, and Nash is going to figure out what it is. Then he’s going to make sure he doesn’t get it. No doubt Max is just like his cheating, lying father.

After another day fighting a losing battle at the ranch, Nash ends up helping a sexy newcomer who didn't realize that alcohol and high altitude don’t mix. Not when you’re a newbie. And damn that had been hard to walk away from. As much as he’d wanted to accept the invitation for a hot night in the sheets, he’d tucked the man in and left.

Just Nash’s luck, he's the one man Nash cannot be attracted to.


Just Max's luck, someone has him in their sights and he may need a sexy cowboy to ride to his rescue.


Six couples, six low-angst romances, six reasons to fall in love…

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