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Elle Keaton

No Pressure (Shielded Hearts Book 2)

No Pressure (Shielded Hearts Book 2)

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Home is where the heart is…unless your life is in danger.

When an anonymous note threatens Joey’s family, he springs into action. Family means everything; he will anything to keep them safe, even break the law.

Buck’s had crush on Joey for years, but he’s never acted on his feelings—for any man.

Fate seems intent on pushing Joey in Buck’s direction. Clearly, Joey needs somebody at his back.

As Joey is drawn further into intrigue the demands become more sinister. Will Buck listen to his heart and throw caution to the wind, protecting Joey at all cost?

No Pressure is a dual POV about an irrepressible male nurse and a quiet man who breaks out of his shell to protect those he loves. Book two (2) in the Shielded Hearts series.  The series follows a different couple in each book as they try to stop killers, unravel human trafficking rings and find their own family.

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