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Elle Keaton

Real Danger - WCF #2

Real Danger - WCF #2

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How can one man be so infuriatingly frustrating and yet so perfect at the same time?

To Ryder Mann the fifteen years between Shay Delacombe and him are meaningless, Shay is the only man he wants. He just needs the opportunity to plead his case with the sexy lawyer.

Shay is nothing if not determined to keep Ryder at arm's length. The younger man is smart and sexy but Shay is too old and too jaded for love.

Ryder gets his chance when Shay asks him to assist on a case involving a missing person, however, the investigation quickly turns perilous.

A simple investigation turns into a stomach-churning rollercoaster ride of what-the-hell-is-going-on, putting both men in peril. But from whom? Is the danger connected to one of Shay's old cases or have the two men caught the attention of someone else?

Will they get their chance at love, or will a vicious criminal tear the future from their grasp?

Real Danger is second in the West Coast Forensics series and can be read as a standalone but may be enjoyed more completely if you read Real Trouble first. It is dual POV, following Ryder Mann and Shay Delecombe as they race toward their happily ever after.

#AgeGap, #thriller, #CriminalMindsmeetsRockford Files, #tragicpast, #mediumheat, #reluctantlover, #persistentcourtship4tw.

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