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Elle Keaton

Red Flagged - Reclaimed Hearts book 3

Red Flagged - Reclaimed Hearts book 3

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He isn’t looking for love, there's a killer on the loose.

The last person Andre expected to see in Cooper Springs was Dante Castone. He left Dante and the rest of his old life behind him when he moved to Washington State and what he thought would be a quiet job in a small town by the ocean.

Dante Brown went into WITSEC for his sister’s kid--sort of.

In reality, Dante's DIYing it; he isn’t the trusting sort. Daniella was the only witness to her mom’s brutal murder and needs both protection and anonymity--plus as normal a life as possible. It's just a bonus that Cooper Springs has Andre Dear too.

He and Andre have a history, and Dante wants to see if they might have a future. Someone is gunning for Andre and, like it or not, Dante is going to protect him. And yeah, feed him too. Does the man never eat?

Andre needs Dante’s help even if he doesn’t want to accept it. Dante's ready to settle down but he’s going to have to prove himself before Andre lets him in again.

Together, they need to catch a killer and maybe find each other in the process.

Red Flagged is book three in the Reclaimed Hearts series. A second-chance, older-lovers redemption story and thrilling romantic suspense set in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Heather Duff
A little mystery, and lot of love

What starts with two men wanting different things in life, ends in both men finding exactly what they actually want from life—love, stability, family.

Elle Keaton always gives us fantastic romances set in crime-filled stories that keep us on our toes. And this one didn’t disappoint on either front.

These older men have careers that have kept them busy but there comes a point when one has to decide if it’s enough. For Andre that meant ending his booty call-only relationship with Dante and getting a fresh start as Cooper Springs Chief of Police.

Dante is forced to make that choice when he becomes the guardian of his niece when his sister is murdered. They need to hide out and the town where the one man he can’t forget has moved to seems like the perfect place.

What ensues is an action-packed story of them reconnecting, falling in love, and fighting like hell to protect their new family. Full of heat, humour and touching moments.

It also had some great cameos and plenty more mystery to be uncovered.

Kristy Lynn
Excellent Story

The Reclaimed Hearts series features men in their 40's living in the small town of Cooper Springs. Red Flagged features the town's sheriff and a regular hookup from his previous life. Chief André Dare has been a lot of fun to get glimpses of in the two previous books. I knew when it was time for his story it was going to be story heavy but, also hot.

These stories are not stand alones as there is an ongoing investigation that is yet to be resolved. Each couple gets their hea within the story and are minor characters in other stories but the investigation is building through each book. And the ending of this one is definitely 😳🫣😳

André and Dante knew each other before Andre moved to Cooper Springs to become the sheriff. Dante is an undercover DEA who couldn't tell André anything but hooked up with him when he was in town. Never spending the night. André, understandably, got tired of it and when the position he applied for was offered to him he happily took it and left town without saying anything to Dante.

Dante's sister is tragically killed and he leaves the force to assume guardianship and protection of his niece. They move to Cooper Springs to hide out from the killer and also so Dante can get to know André more.

There is so much happening within this series and within this story. There are several deaths, a possible serial killer, mafia, corrupt law enforcement. I really feel like Elle Keaton did a great job with keeping all of the storylines cohesive, engaging, and well thought out. I know this series will continue for a few more books and I am here for them all!