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Elle Keaton

Shielded Hearts Ebook Bundle: including all novellas and extra material!

Shielded Hearts Ebook Bundle: including all novellas and extra material!

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The entire Shielded Hearts series, including novellas and extras! 

Storm Season, No Pressure, Convergence Zone, As Sure as the Sun, Rough Waters, River Home, Unforgivable, His Best Man, The North Star, A Federal Holiday, When it Rains, Over the Hill, and Looking For Trouble!

Adam Klay hates everything about his hometown.

The last thing the accomplished FBI agent wants is to abandon the case he's working on and return to his past, but the death of his father forces his hand.

Micah Ryan has been living on auto-pilot since his family perished years ago.

All he needs is coffee, the attention of his cranky cat, and enough clients to pay the bills.

Spending his days at the local espresso bar wrapping up case paperwork is better than dealing with his dad's estate. Plus there's the shy, sexy man Adam can't keep his eyes off of.

For Micah tripping and falling into a handsome stranger's lap, at his favorite coffee shop, is bad enough. But the instant attraction he feels for the other man is mortifying--right?

As it turns out there is at least one thing Adam likes about Skagit. And when a series of sinister incidents leave Micah vulnerable to an unknown killer, Adam vows to protect him.

But does the threat to Micah stem from Micah's past, or has Adam's investigation followed him to Skagit?

Can Adam protect Micah without losing his heart? Is Micah ready for love? And will they get their chance to explore their attraction or will the killer get there first?


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