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Elle Keaton

The Heart Heist (ebook)

The Heart Heist (ebook)

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A gorgeous stranger wanders into his life one summer night and Jacob knows he's in trouble; he's going to break all his rules and probably his heart.

Duff Cleveland knows better than to open himself to love, that’s how you get hurt.

Jacob De Rossi is a family guy; he’s got the house and the picket fence he's just missing the man.

Something about Jacob has Duff wanting more, but how many just one more time’s can a dedicated hookup artist justify? He can hardly handle the life he’s living, having an actual boyfriend is impossible isn't it?

Jacob’s not letting Duff go easily. It’s obvious, to him at least, that Duff needs someone in his corner, and he is the man for the job.

Will Duff admit his heart is safe in Jacob's hands, or turn his back on the one thing in his life that makes sense?

tragic past, high heat, found family, hurt to comfort, reluctant lover, family is everything, the wooing is the hardest part, angsty, when grandparents interfere...

The Heart Heist is a first-person, dual POV, following Duff Cleveland and Jacob De Rossi as Jacob woos Duff's reluctant heart. No cliffhanger, HEA guaranteed. Heat level, 4+. Can be read as a standalone but you may enjoy it even more if you read Feinted Heart first.

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Customer Reviews

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Loved Jacob & Duff and Loved The Heart Heist!

Enjoyed this book and love the whole series. I really loved learning more about Seattle.

Elle’s writing is full of fun sassy (snarky?!) characters and I don’t think there has been a character I didn’t like. 🤔 She doesn’t fill her books with unnecessary angst which makes my heart happy. And boy do the sm3xy times get SPICY! ❤️