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Elle Keaton

West Coast Forensics Paperback Bundle

West Coast Forensics Paperback Bundle

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Imagine how gorgeous these jewel tone paperbacks will look on your bookshelf! I always sign, unless otherwise requested. The books do not come in the box as pictured.
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Heather Duff
Fantastic series

Real Trouble #1
An action-packed crime mystery, and the beginning of the West Coast Forensics Series. It’s full of twists and turns along the way.

Soren and Dany have a second chance at love, but it won’t be easy. Soren is a cop and Dany is a member of a crime family he wants nothing to do with. But when crimes and suspicious characters start and these two are thrown together it’s hard to deny their feelings, but they also have to figure out what’s happening if they are going to have the chance to be together.

I enjoyed them trying to fight their feelings while knowing they can’t deny them, and when Soren decides he’s all in…well, sexy AF. And Dany finding peace with being himself…lovely.

Real Danger #2
I’ve totally read this completely out of order, but I’ve finally caught up, and am ready for The Real Thing, Book 5 set to release soon.

This was a highly enjoyable read. With love, mystery and suspense, we were propelled along with Shay and Ryder, as they navigate their feelings while also trying to dodge unknown danger.

With a 15-year age-gap, Shay, the semi-retired defence attorney is reluctant to get involved with the young and flirtatious Ryder. Ryder has made no secret of the fact that he wants Shay and that’s he not going to give up easily trying to win Shay over.

When these two find themselves working a case together, looking for a missing woman, there is no hiding. No keeping your distance. There’s nothing like some forced proximity to make you re-think a no-touch policy!

The guys were a great pairing, and I enjoyed the mystery. I really appreciated the care Elle put into discussing the Highway of Tears and the heartbreaking reality of murdered and missing indigenous women.

This is a great series, and I look forward to more.
Real Risk #3
I went to bed around 8:30 and figured I could get halfway through the book before it was time to go to sleep. Needless to say, I ended up going to sleep at 1:30am having finished the book! The lack of sleep was worth it though.

This book hit all my buttons. When asked my favourite trope I normally say grumpy/sunshine but the truth is my true favourite is grumpy/not-as-grumpy, and this fits the bill perfectly - I adored these two making a sport out of pushing each other's buttons as they try to deny their connection and their grudging respect for each other's jobs and competence. Gah, such much fun. And this was a slow, slow burn with two sexy middle-aged men who have convinced themselves that their career is really all they need. Check, check, check.

The mystery element really made this a page-turner, but Devon and Kimball getting their happy ever was super satisfying, it felt real and earned.

Real Hazard #4
You don’t have to know you’re ready for love for it to find you. Sometimes Cupid takes the form of a nine-year-old girl.

Loved Foster and Dutch. Loved the way they came together. Loved their friendship, the slow burn. Loved how strong they were together.

Piedras Island knows its share of trouble, and though they’re slow to warm to newcomers, they will also protect their own.

Dutch and Foster form an unlikely friendship, but neither can deny how much they not only enjoy it but also need it. Supporting each other through the trials of parenting and daily life. Slowly it becomes more.

So when Dutch’s past with an MC gang comes for him, a life he’s left behind, he has someone willing to stand with him.

They are soft, kind, and loving, and their future is bright together.

If you like love stories with a side of trouble West Coast Forensics is a perfect choice.

The Real Thing #5
Sweet, adorable Cody finally gets his story. Cody is the owner of the Brooch, he’s hardworking, adores his staff, and will give folks the shirt off his back. He’s also a bit bumbling and clueless. But he’s not the only one that’s clueless, there’s also Wade, the handyman and all-around fix-it guru. He can’t see what’s right under his nose.

Both these adorable men have the biggest crush on the other, and they are completely oblivious to it. Cody needs Wade’s sureness and competency, and Wade is drawn to Cody’s kind nature, love, and encouragement. Together they are completely loveable.

As the busy season begins at the hotel, and the weather is kicking up, some sketchy things start happening. Thankfully they have each other to turn to as they try to keep things running while also trying to sleuth what is going on.

Loved these two. They were sweet, and the story was uplifting (you know, as uplifting as murder and kidnapping can be!). And there are lots of funny moments with the rest of the hotel crew.

And the ending…swoon!